Puddles at Parliament

Continuing on with my new plan to finally do something with all these photos I’ve been taking, this week I thought I’d share these photos of the BC Legislature building that I took back just before winter first threatened to attack Victoria.

Anyone who is from around here will have seen about a thousand photographs of the legislature building. It’s nicely settled in our inner harbour and it is just so darn pretty when it’s all lit up with the white glowing lights at night. It remains to be one of my favourite places for an evening stroll. But I was finding it hard to capture my own unique view of the place.

I was standing looking up at this large building that carries this air of importance to it, wondering how to leave my mark on an image and how to capture the magic of it. Then I looked down. There, in this tiny puddle that stretched the entrance way, was this huge building. It seems so strange to me that such a small thing could hold the reflection of something so much larger.




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