Time for Supper

One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to try and eat better or at least go out for lunch/supper less. So I wandered into the world of meal prep. After a lot of reading articles and watching videos on how others successfully do their meal prep, I committed to starting out by at least making all my lunches. After that seemed to work well I started working on prepping dinners and making some breakfasts. It turns out meal prepping has turned into one of my favourite parts of my Sunday. I turn on some music and dance around my kitchen chopping up veggies, making soups, and just generally getting excited about what we are going to eat over the next week.

Recently, I decided to try and combine my new hobby (cooking) with my old one (taking pictures) and decided to try out my hand at some Food Photography.

DSC_0496I have to admit this was much more of a challenge than I had expected. When I started I was feeling inspired by all the different colours and textures food has.

DSC_0514I don’t think I appreciated how hard it would be to illustrate just how delicious this Curried Butternut Squash Soup smelled or the challenge of staging the food items in a way that makes you want to reach into the photo for a bite.

DSC_0464It has been a fun, new challenge so far. I’m going to keep plugging away at the meal planning AND the food photography. Both have been not only a great change in my life but a fun way to challenge myself and try out something new.

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