Tokyo– Japan pt. 1

This past fall my Partner and I had the pleasure of our first to trip to Japan. Most of the travelling I had done before this had be limited to North America so I was a little nervous about what to expect but the friendly people and beautiful sites quickly had me at ease. We were only able to do a quick trip this time but *fingers crossed* we will be back soon. Our trip was broken into three main areas; Tokyo, Kiinagashima, and Osaka.



We started our trip in Tokyo. My Partner is big into the video games so a trip to the area of Akihabara was a must-do. One step out of the train station and everything was grabbing our attention. It was hard to know where to look or what stores to go into or how to not be in everyone’s way as I tried to grab some photos. As we navigated through some narrow streets to several stores packed full of games and game accessories, I couldn’t get over the amount of people around us or how well every tiny bit of space was used. It was a really cool balance to the quiet serenity of the grounds of the Imperial Palace or the Meiji Shrine which we visited next.

During our walk through the Imperial Palace grounds, the sun was shining and highlighting the perfect green of all the lawns (which are forbidden for the public to walk on) and the trees. You couldn’t help but feel peaceful. If it wasn’t for the skyscrapers in the distance, I would have totally forgotten I was in the middle of a giant city. It was the same sort of feeling at the Meiji Shrine which was a quick walk from the train station but it felt so different from the surrounding area.

When we landed in Tokyo, I couldn’t imagine how we were going to navigate through the city even just to find our hotel room, but with a little help from some friendly locals and Google Maps, it wasn’t long before we were feeling confident and loving our visit.


The Tokyo portion of our trip definitely didn’t last long enough before we had to be on a train to our next stop.  I know we are both anxious for our next chance to visit!





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