Alana & Ken…again

I just had the pleasure of attending the wedding of some good friends of mine down near Disneyland. It was a really great time and a simple but very beautiful wedding. Congrats Alana & Ken!! Before the couple left for the trip, we went out on a lovely fall day to get some photographs.

Patricia Bay

I was out with friends a few weeks ago and had a chance to try out some more night/ low light shots. I had learned some from my last attempt so it was a bit easier this time!! We were out at Patricia Bay just as the sun was setting. It was truly beautiful. There … Continue reading Patricia Bay

Alana and Denise

Continuing with my theme of forcing my friends to model for me so I can practice, I took Alana and Denise on a little trip to Sidney last evening. We found a lovely, sun-filled field and I got some great photos of these old friends. Thanks for your help ladies!