China Beach

The Hubby and I stayed at Point No Point Resort recently, enjoying the sounds and the beauty of the oceanside. We ventured out to China Beach for the day. It was a short walk through the woods down to the beach, where we spent hours exploring. It was fun to spend time poking about the rocks … Continue reading China Beach

Winter shots

With Spring in bloom, I am overdue to share some shots I've collected this winter. I always find it interesting the see the textures in the sky, the patterns of raindrops in the water or the quieter colours that appear. I (finally) started doing a good deal of the hikes in the local area and … Continue reading Winter shots

Greg and Shelley

It was a real pleasure to be able to join Greg and Shelley on their Wedding Day at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort. We were lucky enough to have some cooperative weather so the couple could use the resort's gazebo and enjoy the view out to the water during their beautifully simple ceremony. Congratulations Shelley and Greg!


Well the sun was shining during my trip to the Butterfly Gardens this past weekend. It was a magical experience, with butterflies floating all through the air and something a little different around every corner.