Tokyo– Japan pt. 1

This past fall my Partner and I had the pleasure of our first to trip to Japan. Most of the travelling I had done before this had be limited to North America so I was a little nervous about what to expect but the friendly people and beautiful sites quickly had me at ease. We … Continue reading Tokyo– Japan pt. 1

Carolyn & Allister

  After spending only a small amount of time with this super fun couple, it's clear they are a perfect match. I had great time joining them on a quick hike to the Goldstream Trestle Bridge and taking some engagement shots with them as they plan their Big Day coming up in 2018.   Congratulations … Continue reading Carolyn & Allister

Mother and Son

I had a blast hanging out with these two at Beacon Hill Park a few weeks ago. Young Ryder was leading us around the park and selecting locations to shoot and sharing ideas for posing. He was the perfect little director and so much fun to shoot!   I also had some extra time to … Continue reading Mother and Son

Star Gazing

Took a trip out to Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site Friday night to enjoy the Perseid Meteor shower.  We planted ourselves on top of one of the old battlements and lay in the grass enjoying the sounds of the ocean waves, the views of the stars glowing on to the Fisgard Lighthouse, and ships … Continue reading Star Gazing


There's nothing quite like an afternoon spent out enjoying the sun in the company of a good friend. Spent my Sunday afternoon enjoying the beautiful grounds of BC Government House with a good friend. We chatted, snapped photos, and just generally enjoyed the warm summer sun. A perfect afternoon!  

Matheson Lake

Enjoyed one of my favourite hikes around Matheson Lake on Friday. I love the quietness of the lake and how you never have to stop too long before you catch sight of an eagle flying by, a woodpecker tapping into a tree or hear the frogs amongst the lily pads. As we made our way … Continue reading Matheson Lake